About Us

Platinum Recruitment is a boutique agency that focuses on staffing and recruitment Adelaide. South Australian owned and operated, we specialise in healthcare, real estate, digital and office administration recruitment. We are passionate about employment and people placement.

We believe the recruitment process is crucial in any organisation, however takes a particular talent to understand people, their needs and their wants matching them with the right company.

We don’t however believe in charging inflated fees.

Welcome to the world of flat rates! Where we charge a set fee based on your type of role.

Call us for a quick and casual chat to discuss your recruitment and employment needs.

To find out why we are the best people for the job, call our Director personally on 0402 241 871.






Looking for employment can be exciting and refreshing yet tedious and deflating. We are here to help! Finding you employment in Adelaide is our number one goal.

In order to assist you in your interview process please fill out the following details:

    Type of work interested in:
    Do you give permission for Platinum Recruitment to upload your details onto their system?:
    Do you give permission for Platinum Recruitment to contact you for further information?:
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    Make sure your CV is on point! (No more than 3 pages & check for spelling errors!)

    Never show up more than 10 minutes early OR 10 minutes late for an interview. (Research your location prior!)

    Always dress in corporate attire. Presentation is key.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions – employers LOVE that.

    Keep the communication open with your recruiter. We are here to assist our candidates and clients alike.

    For more top tips register with www.workitgirl.com.au



    Tailored to clients and candidates

    We offer tailored services to our client and candidates alike. We value our clients and candidates and their needs in business and employment.


    Your satisfaction is our KPI
    We believe in complete transparency
    We believe in relationships not sales
    We offer you only the best candidates for your desired role
    Our recruitment process is about helping you AND helping our candidates
    We advertise, interview, screen, reference check, negotiate salary on your behalf AND place – all for ONE FLAT FEE.


    Don’t you hate going to the effort of engaging a recruiter and it all be about the client?
    Guess what? We are also about pleasing you! Without you…. we wouldn’t be in business and let’s not forget the fact that WE LOVE helping our candidates find work they love – that is our KPI.
    We work with you to offer you the best roles suited to your skillset and desires
    We practice and prepare you for your interview
    We educate you on the client
    We don’t sell you the dream
    Finally, if you need a little push into your desired career, we do candidate and career coaching here